C-ALL Pulse

This is the best choice for online valve monitoring in a fixed installation. 

C-ALL Pulse can be used on all kinds of actuated valves. Sensors are connected together without any need of a local junction box in the field. Test data is gathered and sent to the C-ALL cloud for analysis and diagnosis. All test data will be stored for future comparison and reporting. Tests can be viewed and analyzed in C-ALL Insight, and valve assembly performance can be evaluated whether fit for operation or not. 

The C-ALL Pulse can be used with the C-ALL Fatbox to document the FAT into the same cloud and system as you would have in operation. Valve assembly performance will be tracked trough the whole lifecycle.

Predictive maintenance indication parameters can be established to set early detection thresholds for maintenance. Reports can be generated as per customer requirements.

C-ALL Pulse system configuration 

Fixed installation with a combination of sensors:

  • Force sensor
  • Pressure sensor
  • Travel sensor
  • Leak sensor

C-ALL Pulse system capabilities

System can detect essential valve assembly parameters like:

  • Response / travel time 
  • Friction force / thrust / torque 
  • Spring force 
  • Functional margin
  • Seat force 
  • Leakage (actuator) 
  • Instrument fault 
  • Valve passing / leak