This is a portable system for valve testing and verification. It can be used for Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT), and at customer site for test and verification of valve assembly performance.

Valve test data is collected from various sensors and sent to the C-ALL cloud, in same manner as for any C-ALL system. The baseline data will forever be available. Data will be stored in cloud for future comparison. Tests can be viewed and analyzed in C-ALL Insight, and valve assembly performance can be evaluated whether fit for operation or not.

Reports can be produced as per customer requirements.

Fatbox system configuration 

Test case with a combination of sensors:

  • Force sensor
  • Pressure sensor
  • Travel sensor
  • Leak sensor
  • Current / voltage input

Fatbox system test capabilities

System can detect essential valve assembly parameters like:

  • Response / travel time 
  • Friction force / thrust / torque 
  • Spring force 
  • Functional margin
  • Seat force 
  • Leakage (actuator) 
  • Instrument fault 
  • Valve leak