C-ALL Insight

Data collected by any C-ALL device will end up in C-ALL Insight. This is a cloud based web application available from anywhere you have an internet connection. C-ALL Insight will store, automatically analyze and give you a powerful tool for doing valve diagnostics. The system accepts data from all kind of valves and actuators independent of manufacturer. 

The system will provide autonomous condition monitoring of valves where the results will be available through open APIs. The API documentation will be released on request, to meet customers requirements and for building custom dashboards. We will provide valve assembly performance and other related information regarding the valve health. 

Without a C-ALL monitoring system you can still retrieve the data into C-ALL Insight to create a digital twin. ConditionALL can collect data from all valves into one system. This will reduce complexity and you can have a single data source for your valves at your plant. This can also be deployed company wise for a full overview of worldwide valve condition in one single instance.